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Life Scope PT BSM-1700 hero image
Smart Transport

Life Scope PT

BSM-1700 series

Superior Transportability

  • When transporting the patient, just slide out the Life Scope PT and attach it to the gurney, a cart or a pole beside the patient.
  • During transport, Life Scope PT provides continuous monitoring while wirelessly transmitting patient data and waveforms to a central monitor.

Superior Visibility

  • The large 5.7-inch screen clearly displays all parameters. MULTI connectors allow flexible parameters and optimal monitoring based on the patient condition.
  • Life Scope PT can also show comprehensive review data including full disclosure waveforms that are typically found only on a central monitor.

Superior Flexibility

  • Five hour battery operation allows transport even to a distant facility. Life Scope PT meets MIL-STD-810F 516.5 Shock Procedure IV Transit Drop and IP32 durability standards.
  • The monitor's rugged construction allows reliable operation anywhere. You can also access vital information and alarm status of another monitor in the network even if there is no central monitor.

Tutorial video

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Accessories and Consumables

Human Machine Interface, which is the user interface that connects human and machine, is very important for visualizing processes inside the body. Nihon Kohden develops and produces many important accessories and consumables like sensors and electrodes.