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Technology Videos

Technology Videos

Pulse oximetry and BluPRO

Pulse Oximetry: A Nihon Kohden Innovation Story


How to Optimize Respiratory Monitoring

Opening a New Era in Capnography cap-ONE Oral Nasal Expiration - the optimal solution for respiratory monitoring during resuscitation and sedation -


How to Solve the Hemodynamic Puzzle with esCCO

Redefine Quality of Care esCCO -Continuous Cardiac Output- Long Version

Redefine Quality of Care esCCO -Continuous Cardiac Output- Short Version


How to Identify Invisible Ischemia

Identify Invisible Ischemia - Synthesized 18 lead ECG, a new technology for more informative ECG exam -


How to Improve Blood Pressure Measurement with iNIBP

Rapid, Gentle NIBP Measurement iNIBP + YAWARA CUFF2

DynaHelix Flow

Animation of DynaHelix Flow

DynaScatter Laser

Animation of DynaScatter Laser