About Us

About Us

Nihon Kohden´s History

Leading the evolution of medical engineering

The neuromuscular tissue of a small bird was the impetus behind the founding of Nihon Kohden. Dr. nk-bird_wing.jpgYoshio Ogino – founder of Nihon Kohden – was researching electrical engineering when one day he happened to see an experiment involving stimulation of the neuromuscular tissue of a small bird. He was struck by the wonder of biology and remarked that “to measure part of a living body requires several hundred times the sensitivity and at least two decimal places more than the equipment developed by the leading electrical engineering experts in Japan.”

He wondered if it might be possible to apply a higher level of engineering to the subtleties and study the human body. Furthermore, if this union of medicine and engineering could be used for saving human life. With this powerful inspiration, he studied medicine and in August 1951 founded Nihon Kohden.
Until today he developed a totally new mint of ideas - one that was capable of efficiently and rapidly transforming the latest findings from medical research into high-quality, cutting-edge technical equipment.

Nihon Kohden´s Vision

Becoming a global leader of medical solutions

According to the vision - Improving Healthcare with Advanced technology - Nihon Kohden is one of Japan´s leading suppliers in highly reliable state-of-the-art medical technology with more than 5.000 employees throughout the world. Every year the company is expanding its global network, from research and development to manufacturing, sales, and service, to fulfill its mission to save lives with the most advanced medical technology. Nihon Kohden products are exported worldwide.

Since 1985 Nihon Kohden has been providing reliable, expert services in Europe. The Nihon Kohden Europe GmbH – as local headquarters – is responsible for the entire European market. Along with the subsidiaries, Nihon Kohden Italia, Nihon Kohden Iberica, Nihon Kohden France, Nihon Kohden Deutschland, and Nihon Kohden United Kingdom the company also has a tightly woven specialist distribution network that covers every country.


Nihon Kohden Europe and Management

More than thirty years in Europe

We at Nihon Kohden Europe have set ourselves the aim of combating disease and improving society with cutting-edge technology – a demanding challenge – while setting equal priority on the benefit and welfare of our employees.

Each employee shares the duty of responsibility and care in all business dealings to secure customers’ trust and loyalty to the Nihon Kohden brand.

The Nihon Kohden Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Nihon Kohden Corporation and has gathered more than thirty years of success on the European market.

Shinya Hama President and Managing Director
Andreas Schabbach

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Dr. Jochen Marmann Vice President Finance, European Logistic Center, Legal, General IT
Dirk Mehlhorn Vice President European Service center, Quality & Regulatory
Arnaud Nguyen-Hong Director IVD & DBU
Christian Schlegel Director Human Resources


Nihon Kohden´s Philosopy

Improving Healthcare with Advanced Technology

In line with the corporate philosophy – Improving Healthcare with Advanced Technology – Nihon Kohden has risen to the challenge of applying electronics in overcoming disease and restoring the best of health in patients over the past more than fifty years. The company provides state-of-the-art technology that has been ground-breaking, economically viable, and ergonomically optimal solutions providing the best possible outcome for patients in the field of cardiology, neurology, patient monitoring, and in-vitro diagnostics.

Nihon Kohden´s logo is a lighthouse rising and illuminating the way to others. The symbolic light beam cast embodies the company’s corporate philosophy and identity of excellence and pioneering spirit.

The future is the past, coming back through a different door. Nihon Kohden embodies tradition and future in one company. The expertise that goes back more than fifty years, and the plethora of technological cutting-edge innovations and ideas that have emerged, secure our future as a powerful partner to the caring professions.


Nihon Kohden´s Commitment to high quality and reliability

Fostering personal pride in each product

In the manufacture of medical equipment which affects human life, Nihon Kohden allows no compromise. All products have guaranteed safety and quality after passing the strictest inspections. Nihon Kohden's major products are manufactured at its main factory, the Tomioka Production Center in Tomioka, Japan. The open design of the factory incorporates the latest production technology for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and medical equipment assembly. Besides Japan Nihon Kohden has four international manufacturing bases all around the world.

Five inspection gates are used to ensure a defect-free product. If a defect is discovered during production, the product is returned to the previous production stage and the process is improved to prevent the recurrence of future defects.

Each worker at Nihon Kohden attaches a label with his or her name inside each product. This fosters a sense of pride and quality so that every worker can feel a connection with the product after it leaves the factory and is used by healthcare professionals in hospitals around the world.


Nihon Kohden´s Responisbility

Corporate social responsibility

Taking care of environmental issues is an important duty for all companies. Nihon Kohden’s approach to environmental activities is defined in the company's environmental philosophy and implemented in the business activities and the actions of its employees. Nihon Kohden works toward conservation and qualitative improvement of the global environment so that all people can enjoy a healthy environment. Based on this philosophy, Nihon Kohden implements a wide variety of environmental activities such as reducing waste and CO2 emissions, developing eco-friendly products, and creating an environment-friendly production system.

In 2004 Japan authorized the operation of automated external defibrillators (AED) by the general public. Following this, Nihon Kohden began offering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED training to the public throughout the world. These seminars have helped to educate the public in CPR and AED which have been increasingly used in saving lives.CSR_logo_RGB_En_201209102.png

The CSR motto “Nihon Kohden – for precious life – ” expresses the mission as a medical device manufacturer not only to save human life but also to contribute to all forms of life on earth through its business actions and citizenship activities.


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