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What is iNIBP?

iNIBP is Nihon Kohden's non-invasive blood pressure measurement algorighm using inflation technology. iNIBP completes the measurement while inflating a cuff.  
The iNIBP measurement time is shorter and target inflation pressure is lower as compared to the conventional method, thus, speedy and gentle measurement gives less stress to both patients and caregivers.

image tech inibp 01
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A cuff is slowly inflated to a lower inflation pressure while
simultaneously sensing oscillations.

Advantages of iNIBP

The advantages of iNIBP are best demonstrated when patient's blood pressure is varying, for example during surgery. As iNIBP inflates while sensing blood pressure variation, it can complete the measurement in a shorter amount of time without applying excessive and unnecessary pressure to the patient.

image tech inibp 03

Histogram of measurement time of iNIBP inflation method and deflation method

323 measurement data collected in 64 cases in operating room were used to compare measurement time of iNIBP inflation method and conventional deflation method. With iNIBP technology from Nihon Kohden, the algorithm effects a slow inflation of a cuff while simultaneously detecting oscillations, then deflates the cuff as soon as systolic blood pressure (SYS) is determined.

image tech inibp 04

Measurement simulation: SYS elevated to 200 mmHg

iNIBP can complete the measurement in a shorter amount of time as it inflates the cuff while sensing blood pressure variation and detecting oscillations, whereas the deflation method needs to repeat the inflation-deflation cycle when the target inflation pressure based on previous systolic pressure measurements are comparatively low.   


image tech inibp 05

Measurement simulation: SYS dropped to 100 mmHg from 200 mmHg

iNIBP inflates the cuff to only slightly above the SYS while detecting oscillations and completes the measurement in a shorter amount of time, in comparison with the deflation method which inflates a cuff based on a pre-determined target pressure that often significantly exceeds actual SYS, leading to longer measurement times with the increased potential for patient discomfort.


Compatible cuff for iNIBP linear inflation method, YAWARA CUFF2

We recommend the use of the iNIBP cuff series, which is designed for precise use of the iNIBP linear inflation method. The reusable cuff series, YAWARA CUFF2, is not only iNIBP compatible but also designed with a focus on ease of use as well as safety for patients. Visit NIBP cuff page for more details.


Material Downloads - iNIBP

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