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Celltac G+ MEK-9200 hero image
Automated hematology analyzer with 5-part diff. and reticulocyte parameters

Celltac G+

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DynaScatter Laser +HEM488 Technology

  • 2 types of lasers are used.
  • A blue laser (488nm) excites stained blood cells and the fluorescence is detected. Our unique algorithm idenfities reticulocytes.
  • The red laser is for 5-part diff. measurment, and identifying the size and granurarity of each blood cell based on the scattered light.
  • Sheath flow in the measurment path arranges blood cells in a straight line for accurate test results.
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DynaHelix Flow Technology

  • Sheath flow arranges blood cells in a straight line, and swirling flow pushes cells out and reduces "re-entry" of blood cells that have passed the detection aperture.
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Other features

  • 90 tests/hour for CBC+5-part diff.
  • HL7 protocol for LIS connection.
  • A handy barcode reader operation.
  • Seamless sample rack loading system, 10 samples/rack.
  • Smart ColoRac Match system for easy sample pickup.
  • Automatic sample mixing function.
  • Westgard multirules in QC mode.
Celltac G+ MEK-9200 image 03
Smart ColoRac Match system

Basic specifications

31 clinical parametersWBC, NE%, LY%, MO%, EO%, BA%, NE, LY, MO, EO, BA, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD,PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW, P-LCR, P-LCC, RET%, RET, IRF, LFR, MFR, HFR
8 research parametersIG, Band, Seg, IG%, Band%, Seg%, Mentzer Index, RDWI
(with autoloader)
CBC+DIFF: 90 tests/hour           
CBC+DIFF+RET: 55 tests/hour
Sample volume          
(normal mode)
CBC: 32 uL / CBC+DIFF+RET: 47uL
Internal memoryMaximum. 50,000 data
Dimensions/WeightW675 x H576 x D589 mm, approx. 76kg
Celltac G+ MEK-9200 image 04
Celltac G+ MEK-9200 image 05