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Pioneering a New Direction in Sleep





Polysmith software is used in a variety of sleep lab environments and provides a comprehensive approach to studying your patients. From easy to use scoring and recording tools to convenient remote access solutions, Polysmith allows you to work with your entire lab’s data from the convenience of the control room.

Diagnostics are the specialty of your sleep lab. These features help technologists manage their patients and data easily.

  • Live trending of multiple parameters
  • Selectable video and audio quality
  • Online scoring and editing
  • Online AHI and sleep time
  • Online arousal index
  • Remote viewing of live data
  • Auto append
  • Automatic MSLT timer and recording tool
  • Offline video monitoring

Home testing device

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Fulfill your Type III home sleep testing needs with the 12 channel Nomad™ recorder. The Nomad utilizes off the shelf sensors and AA batteries to keep your overhead expenses down. To minimize tech instruction time with patients, each Nomad comes with a patient instruction video for applying sensors and the Nomad with Bluetooth® and USB connection options. The Nomad provides easy initialization, downloading, scoring, and studies.

For years, the mix of core competencies in hardware and software that Nihon Kohden and Neurotronics has presented to the market has moved sleep medicine in a new direction. The Nomad is the latest in the continuation of that effort. This new lightweight Type III recording device elegantly combines compact size, ease of use and compatibility with Polysmith™ software. The Nomad recorder and software were developed in parallel to create an intuitive user and patient interface.

When developing the Nomad recorder, we listened to market feedback and focused on achieving a combination of high quality, user friendly and cutting-edge features. The Nomad was created with both the clinician and patient in mind. Nomad features include:

  • Auto start upon valid pulse signal
  • Color coded sensors and sensor receptacles
  • Optional interface for remote monitoring
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Neoprene pouch
  • Built in body position sensor
  • Built in pressure transducer
  • 2GB of onboard data storage
  • USB interface to PC
  • 24-hours of recording time with 2 AA batteries