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La misión de Nihon Kohden es proporcionar mejores soluciones utilizando los productos y servicios de Nihon Kohden para apoyar la atención médica.


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Seguridad del paciente

Patient safety is a way to ensure that the people undergoing medical care are safe. There are various initiatives such as safe operation of medical equipment and staff education. 

We Nihon Kohden are also focusing on building an environment, using medical devices and systems, where patients can concentrate on treatment with peace of mind, and an environment where staff can respond quickly without missing patient alerts.      

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Seguridad del personal clínico

One of our responsibilities is to provide a safer working environment for clinical staff, and our ideas worked well under the sudden pandemic situation we all had to experience. Nobody can predict when a pandemic will happen again, but we all know that we should be ready for it.

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Recently, with the rapid progress of information technology, it has become possible to remotely view real-time EEG waveforms. In addition to IT, the development of advance medical equipment has made it possible to measure EEG waveforms more easily than ever before. Neuromonitoring is used in ERs and ICUs to observe various invisible brain conditions. Since we at Nihon Kohden have developed various devices, we can create synergy between each devices.    

IVD solutions

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Contribuir a la salud de las personas

Transformar la posibilidad de soluciones DIV La tecnología exclusiva de Nihon Kohden le ayuda a conseguir un mejor resultado clínico.

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Infections disease

Many countries still suffer from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and dengue fever as global health challenges according to the WHO*1
To enhance the screening process, Nihon Kohden provides medical facilities with hematology analyzers having WBC 5 part-diff., CRP and ESR.

*1 Urgent health challenges for the next decade (

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Anemia is a serious public health problem worldwide that increases the risk of infection and death.
It causes extreme fatigue, poor pregnancy outcomes, poor growth, and development, and has many other consequences, especially for women and infants.     
We contribute to clinical decision making through hematology analyzers that have HGB,MCV, and RET.

Anemia (


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Contribuir a los resultados del paciente

La transición de vuelta a la vida 
Los productos Nihon Kohden le ayudan a conseguir un mejor resultado para el paciente.

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Raise the survival rate

The AHA guidelines*1 state that to improve the survival rate, it is necessary to improve the quality of CPR, including making the time of interruption of chest compressions as short as possible. Nihon Kohden contributes to improving the quality of CPR by providing defibrillators and peripheral equipment to support CPR.  

*1 Guidelines Highlights | American Heart Association CPR & First Aid

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Improving Life Saving Rates in PAD*2

Sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital remains a public health problem. Currently, the only way to restore normal heart rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest is to use an AED. Nihon Kohden contributes by providing AEDs to PAD facilities around the world.  

*2 PAD: Public Access Defibrillation 
*3 Latest Statistics | Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (