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Friedensdorfs International: Spreading holiday cheer through a donation

Happy new year NK 2024

Nihon Kohden Europe GmbH is spreading holiday cheer through a donation.

In a shift from tradition, the company is directing its annual gift fund to FRIEDENSDORF INTERNATIONAL – Peacevillage, a renowned charity aiding children affected by conflicts globally.

The donation reflects Nihon Kohden's commitment to corporate social responsibility and the belief in providing a brighter future for every child. By supporting FRIEDENSDORF INTERNATIONAL – Peacevillage International, the company aims to contribute to the organization's vital work in delivering medical care, education, and support to children in conflict zones.

Shinya Hama, CEO at Nihon Kohden, expressed, "Our Christmas gift aligns with our core values. FRIEDENSDORF INTERNATIONAL – Peacevillage International's commitment resonates with us, and we are proud to support its impactful initiatives. Together, let's bring joy and support to children in conflict zones, creating a future filled with hope and promise"

FRIEDENSDORF INTERNATIONAL – Peacevillage International provides medical care, education, and rehabilitation to children affected by war, operating on principles of neutrality and impartiality.

Nihon Kohden's donation will aid in bringing hope and healing to children in crisis areas, emphasizing the company's dedication to making a positive impact beyond healthcare technology.

This gesture embodies the true spirit of the holiday season, showcasing Nihon Kohden's commitment to compassion and support for those in need. The company hopes to inspire other organizations to give back to their communities.

For more information about Nihon Kohden and its philanthropic initiatives, please contact us at .

About Nihon Kohden:

Nihon Kohden, head office located in Tokyo, Japan, contributes to the world by fighting disease, improving health with advanced technology, and creating a fulfilling life for our employees. From development to production, and sales to after-sales services, we are building a globally oriented business structure, to become a global leader in medical solutions.

About Peacevillage International:

Friedensdorf Peacevillage International is a compassionate non-profit dedicated to aiding children affected by conflict. Through essential medical care, education, and emotional support, the organization provides a sanctuary for young lives impacted by crisis. Committed to fostering understanding and bridging divides, Friedensdorf Peacevillage International envisions a world where every child can thrive, irrespective of the challenges they face.