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Comfortable operation and all round versatility

cardiofax M

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Comfortable operation and all round versatility

Easy operation and efficient workflow are the foundations of Nihon Kohden’s new Cardiofax M electrocardiogram. With its large 8-inch color display, data can be viewed easily and allows ECG preview before recording. Cardiofax M supports paper-based and paperless workflows, enabling both waveform and analysis results to be transferred to a PC for review.

Nihon Kohden’s breakthrough technology supports clinicians in testing more patients with enhanced information available from analysis. With synECi18 technology, Cardiofax M provides 18-lead ECG information from a 12-lead ECG, optimizing patient safety and functioning as a great triage tool.

Quality diagnosis

  • Advanced filtering technology eliminates noise with less waveform distortion
  • ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program provides more than 200 findings with detailed analysis
  • Records accurate data for faster diagnosis

Quality examination

  • 8-inch colour TFT display
  • 12-lead waveform monitoring
  • Fast and high-quality examination
  • Accurate measurement to avoid retesting
  • Simplified design
  • User-friendly interface

The most recent three minutes of all lead ECG waveforms can be stored in the internal memory. This large memory capacity ensures that the necessary information is kept available.

Identify invisible ischemia

A 12-lead electrocardiogram will be measured to identify a suspected acute myocardial infarction. However, is it enough? The 12-lead ECG and additional leads allow you to make advanced care decisions to reduce the time to reperfusion. synECi 18 provides additional information for the right ventricular and posterior wall from standard 12-lead ECG without an additional procedure.

A digital workspace for flexible data management

polaris.one is a database platform where you can store all relevant medical data, share it between departments and access it whenever needed. The polaris.one software was designed to improve your organization’s efficiency by eliminating barriers, helping Cardiology and Neurology professionals focus on their day-to-day tasks. polaris.one offers two ways to access patient data when you are about to measure an ECG:

Scan the patient’s ID with a barcode reader once the ECG is online, and receive all patient demographics from your HIS.
Or download the worklist of patients to be examined into your ECG. With this method, all data is available to you even if the machine is offline.

Quality accessibility

Data can be output via wired or wireless LAN. DICOM communication enables easy integration with RIS and PACS. The “webserver” function provides a simple and unique data storage solution. Data in the memory can be accessed, reviewed and extracted as a PDF file via a web browser.


  • Cardio Cream, F010
  • Battery pack, X065
  • Integrated wireless LAN module, QI-330D
  • Synthesized 18 lead, QP-230E
  • Wireless Bridge BR-300AN, E/WLAN300AN
  • Power cable for WLAN300AN,
  • Cart, KD -107E
  • Patient cable hanger, KH-100D
  • W-Lan Holder, DI-021D
  • Magnetic Card Reader Holder, DI-022D
  • Middle Shelf, DI-023D
  • Drawer, DI-024D
  • Tray Set, DI-025D
  • Roll Paper Holder, DI-026D
  • Barcode reader holder, DI-027D