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Celltac Alpha MEK-1301K/1302K Nuovo

Automated Hematology Analyzer

Quality hematology testing

DynaHelix Flow LogoDynaHelix Flow technology perfectly aligns RBC and PLT cells for high impedance counting precision using an advanced hydrodynamic-focused sheath flow before passing through the aperture.
In addition, the DynaHelix Flow totally prevents the risk of coincidence or re-entry of counted blood cells into the aperture, using the unique DynaHelix Flow stream.
This newly-developed advanced DynaHelix Flow Technology greatly improves counting precision and accuracy.


DynaHelix FLow Scheme

Integrated QC program

  • The same QC material can be used for CBC and 3 part diff
  • QC lot management up to 25
  • Assay value registration using a handy barcode reader (standard accessory)
  • Automated judgement function (pass or fail)
  • QC management by assay value, average value or Westgard multirule
  • QC graph display and printout (optional)
  • Automated calculation of statistical information such as average and SD
  • TrendGraph Screenshot

Reagent management

Celltac α reagent management system helps easier reagent bottle management with a unique barcode label on each reagent. Through this system and the use of genuine Nihon Kohden reagents, testing quality is always maintained at a high level.

Standard accessory, barcode Reader
Standard accessory, barcode Reader.


Operational excellence

Smart ColoRerun Assist helps to visually understand the reasons of re-measurement, by showing color-coded messages. This unique user-oriented function greatly improves workflow efficiency and maximizes productivity for faster test reports and clinical decision making.

User interphase, color codes

Two different models to fit your needs

Celltac α has 2 different models; MEK-1301K and MEK-1302K. MEK-1301K has open measurement modes and MEK-1302K has both open and closed measurement modes.

Models Celtac Alpha MEK-31xx

Built-in cap-piercing mechanism

The built-in cap piercing mechanism protects healthcare professionals from sample handling related infection. It helps maintain a high standard of operating safety in the laboratory. Nihon Kohden MEK-1302 is equipped with this function which serves the needs of the laboratory during uncertain times such as during a pandemic.

Open mode