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Celltac α+ MEK-1305 Nuovo

Celltac α+,equipped with ESR, can help to achieve a better clinical outcome, transforming the possibility of IVD solutions, and maximizes laboratory productivity.

CiRHEX Technology

Infectious disease is spreading all over the world and becoming a serious problem. For example, 10 million people developed Tuberculosis (TB) which is one of the most serious infectious diseases, and TB caused an estimated 1.6 million deaths in 2017 according to data from the WHO. What are your laboratory challenges? What is required for a better clinical outcome? 
Celltac α+, equipped with ESR, can help to achieve a better clinical outcome.

CiRHEX (Cell counter integrated rheometric excellence) technology can provide ESR results highly correlated with Westergren method by using HCT value and MCV value from CBC measurement and also RBC aggregation phenomenon.

Result displayed in 2 minutes by single EDTA tube for both CBC and ESR

A single EDTA tube can be used for both CBC and ESR measurement on our Celltac α+, and you will be able to get CBC results on the screen in 1 minute, and an ESR result in 2 minutes, with a single aspiration. This leads to reducing your workload, avoiding the risk of infection and providing a quick report to the patient.

Only 80 μL sample volume required for both CBC and ESR

Unlike the traditional methods for ESR testing, our Celltac α+ requires only 80 μL of blood sample for both CBC and ESR measurement. Not only does this small blood collection volume improve your laboratory workflow, but it also improves the patient experience.

No additional reagents, no additional cost

As it is based on conventional hematology analyzers, diluent, detergent and hemolysing reagent are used for CBC and 3 part differential measurement on Celltac α+, but no additional reagents are required for ESR measurement.

Quality hematology testing

DynaHelix Flow

DynaHelix Flow technology perfectly aligns RBC and PLT cells for high impedance counting precision using an advanced hydrodynamic-focused sheath flow before passing through the aperture. In addition, the DynaHelix Flow totally prevents the risk of coincidence or re-entry of counted blood cells into the aperture, using the unique DynaHelix Flow stream.
This newly-developed advanced DynaHelix Flow Technology greatly improves counting precision and accuracy.

DynaHelix Flow Scheme


Integrated QC program

  • QC program for ESR is available
  • The same QC material can be used for CBC, 3 part diff and ESR
  • QC lot management up to 25
  • Assay value registration using a handy barcode reader (standard accessory)
  • Automated judgement function (pass or fail)
  • QC management by assay value, average value or Westgard multirule
  • QC graph display and printout (optional)
  • Automated calculation of statistical information such as average and SD

Integrated QC program

Reagent management

Celltac α+ reagent management system helps easier reagent bottle management with a unique barcode label on each reagent. Through this system and the use of genuine Nihon Kohden reagents, testing quality is always maintained at a high level.

Standard Accessory, Barcode Reader
Standard accessory, Barcode reader


Measuring and research parameters

Thirty-one measuring parameters including ESR and other research parameters
Traditional CBC parameters, WBC 3 part differential parameters, Mentzer Index and RDWI, are considered to be useful for Thalassemia screening. ESR and other parameters which are related to ESR are available on Celltac α+.

Operational excellence

Smart ColoRerun Assist helps to visually understand the reasons for re-measurement, by showing colour-coded messages. This unique user-oriented function greatly improves workflow efficiency and maximizes productivity for faster test reports and clinical decision making.

Smart ColoRerun Assist

Seamless information transfer

Celltac α+ supports seamless data transfer* to laboratory information systems through the LAN port or RS-232C port.
* ASTM protocol is available