Case Uncovering causes

The patient is stable. Is it time to think about prevention?
Between 30 and 40% of ischemic strokes are cryptogenic. A possible cause is atrial fibrillation (AF), which is behind at least 25% of all strokes. However, AF often remains underdiagnosed as it is frequently asymptomatic. To help avert secondary strokes, you must clearly identify patients with permanent episodes of AF and implement preventative therapy.

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You’re already monitoring patients continuously. How can you use your data to avoid complications or prevent a second stroke event? When you can detect stroke causes using routine patient measurements, choose prevention over cure.

30-40% of ischemic strokes are cryptogenic.
At least 25% of all strokes are caused by AF.

Detect atrial fibrillation without extra effort
Additional insight doesn’t always require additional effort. Now you can detect paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) with a fully automated ECG analysis that’s significantly superior to all previous standard methods. The patient‘s 6-lead ECG waveforms from our patient monitors are automatically, continuously transferred to our partner apoplex medical technologies. After automatic analysis on their servers, you receive reliable Stroke Risk Analysis reports the next morning to use as a basis for anticoagulation therapy.

Compared to conventional methods for AF detection, apoplex’s solution – SRAclinic® – increases the detection rate of AF due to the longer derivation time. And since you use the ECG data you’re already continuously collecting from patients, you don’t have to add any technical equipment to review it yourself.

Get more than snapshots, even from afar
Because of our uninterrupted data flow and automated documentation, you can always keep an eye on a patient’s current status as well as refer to their history and trends.

In addition, with our ViTrac™ iPhone/iPad app, you can be remotely “at the bedside” wherever you are. Saving the time to walk around wards, you can review all your patients in real time. You can advise immediately wherever you are, even outside the hospital through a VPN connection. When stroke patients require ongoing close attention, ViTrac™ means you can leave the ward without leaving the patient.

Catch acute change promptly

  • Be constantly informed about vital signs on your iPad or iPhone
  • ​Stay in touch anywhere, even if you’re elsewhere in or outside the hospital
  • ​Access complete review capabilities