Case When sudden cardiac arrest occurs in your hospital

When sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs in your hospital, you need to intervene immediately. The speed and skill with which your teams respond to this life-threatening emergency can potentially influence its outcome. But to deliver the best-possible care and make the right decisions every step of the way, your staff need access to the right knowledge, resources, and equipment.

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The European Resuscitation Council’s (ERC) guidelines deliver expert advice and best practices for resuscitation, based on real-world clinical experience. In its guidelines on in-hospital resuscitation, published in 2015, the ERC shifted its focus to enhancing the quality of interventions, with the aim of improving outcomes.

As it stands, “once cardiac arrest occurs, only about 20% of patients who have an in-hospital cardiac arrest will survive to go home.”1 Increasing this number is
a key challenge for today’s healthcare players like you.

Nihon Kohden helps you address this issue and meet the new guidelines with a broad portfolio of technology and expertise that spans the entire emergency intervention pathway.

Our holistic, end to-end solutions are designed to support you at every stage of the care chain – from early detection, to timely responses and high-quality interventions, to follow-up care and monitoring.

Your resuscitation challenges
Your challenges begin even before a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in your hospital – and continue well beyond resuscitation itself. Nihon Kohden can support you every step of the way.