Case Nihon Kohden’s Cardiolife AED-3100 is safe and easy to use

Nihon Kohden’s Cardiolife AED-3100 is an easy to use defibrillator which can be used by people that have never used a defibrillator before or have never seen someone collapsing due to a cardiac arrest.

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The AED is simple to use because it guides the person through the entire CPR and rescue process by voice instructions in your local language.

The only thing the rescuer needs to do is:
Step 1 Open the Cardiolife AED-3100
Step 2 Apply the pads to the casualty’s chest 
Step 3 Press a button to deliver the electrical shock if the AED advises to do so. 

The rescue scheme is easy to remember: when you see someone collapsing and doesn't react to anything and is not breathing, call the emergency services, have someone get an AED and start doing CPR. Follow the instructions of the AED and keep doing so until the ambulance staff arrives to take over from you.

Nihon Kohden's Cardiolife AED-3100 is fast, safe and easy to use
Nihon Kohden’s continuous VT/VF analysis algorithm analyses the ECG waveform, even during CPR. Charging starts before a shock is advised. This helps to deliver faster defibrillation than ever before. It takes less than 15 seconds from turning the power on to discharge. Faster charging time helps deliver energy quickly when VT or VF is observed.

The Cardiolife AED-3100 provides defibrillation with the aid of a lower energy, biphasic impulse curve. It uses a particular T-circuit – ActiBiphasic technology – which offers an improvement over most conventional biphasic circuit concepts.

Durable and compact design
The Cardiolife AED-3100 operates in a wide range of temperatures, from -5 to +50 ˚C. It has a compact body which weighs only 2.3 kg, including the battery and pads. With an International Protection Rating of IP55, the AED-3100 is protected against water jets.

More information on CPR and the use of Cardiolife AED-3100
For more information on delivering good CPR and the use of our AED-3100, please follow this link to see a short movie with explanation.