Case Immediate action

Gain timely insight into changes
Neurological damage often does not occur at the moment of impact or in an event such as a stroke. Rather, it develops over hours and days. Delayed response to these significant changes can lead to secondary injury.

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Continuous EEG helps you identify impending secondary brain injury in time to control or reverse it.

Get more than snapshots
Neuroimaging provides information about the status quo and is the best way to identify new or enlarging mass lesions. However, it requires timely transport of patients out of the ICU and cannot reveal functional changes. cEEG detects new or increasing lesions, helping you make the right decision on moving a patient for cerebral imaging.

Neurofax EEG-1200/ICU
Universal EEG for all needs

  • Space saving design with full 10-20 support
  • Interface vital sign data from bedside monitors
  • Easy review via trend graphs
  • Audio and video recording
  • Fan-less, all-in-one PC with touch screen

Master your data quickly and efficiently
Continuous EEG monitoring in the ICU is highly time consuming for clinicians. In response to this challenge, Nihon Kohden has developed EEG trending that simplifies review of large data volumes. This system helps you highlight and predict trends and changes over time.

EEG trending is also useful to physicians or staff less experienced in EEG interpretation for correlating clinical events, tailoring therapies or deciding when to seek the expertise of an electroencephalographer. Moreover, our software allows you to quickly detect seizures or other clinically important changes in the EEG as they occur. And records and trends are processed and update in real time.

Channels are automatically monitored for electrode artifacts, which are removed from seizure and trend processing. Electrodes with persistent electrical artifacts are flagged up to staff for correction, resulting in cleaner recordings.

Does cEEG provide an accurate diagnosis of nonconvulsive seizures? Yes!
  • Focal and generalized nonconvulsive seizures are accurately diagnosed by cEEG
  • The timing, duration and frequency of seizures are reliably seen