Case Cost effectiveness

Though cost effectiveness of hospital equipment is often difficult to calculate, a recent study over a four-year period discovered a reduction of 44% in costs when using the Neuromonitoring program, and equally a 44% decrease in hospital stays.

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There was also an increase of 50% in the relative improvement of patients’ outcomes. Early detection also helps reduce the number of secondary brain injuries and avoid subsequent treatment.

Does cEEG avoid risky testing to rule out other diagnoses? Yes!
  •  cEEG is noninvasive
  • If seizures are detected, then other invasive testing is not required (provided that noninvasive testing (i.e. imaging) is completed)

Your challenge – our mission
There is a clear need for a comprehensive NeuroMonitoring program in the modern ICU. Nihon Kohden provides a broad range of software and hardware solutions for EEG recording and data analysis that can help you meet this need and master some of today’s healthcare challenges.

Whatever the challenge within your hospital, our NeuroMonitoring solutions allow for better evaluation of cerebral functions,
faster ability to treat your patient and better prognostic information.
Consult our experts to tap into our vast resources and experience on this critical issue.