Case Peace of mind monitoring

The ICU is a stressful environment where many tasks have to be handled simultaneously. How can your monitoring system help you focus on your patient’s outcome?

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Ease of use
Nihon Kohden monitors are easy to operate, with tailor-made screen layouts for the ICU stage, and information such as vital signs, waveforms and trends available at a glance. Consequently, you will rarely need to access menus or search for information.

Faster, gentler measurements
To make non-invasive blood pressure measurements faster and less intrusive, our iNIBP technology detects systole and diastole during cuff inflation. Moreover, you can trigger non-invasive blood pressure measurements when required with our PWTT parameter.

Intuitive operation
Our monitors give access to the main parameters you wish to observe, with a single input module. Smart Cable™ technology eliminates the need to search for modules for standard parameters. Simply attach the module, and the parameter (e.g. IBP, etCO2) automatically appears on screen. Barcode reader functionality enables you to conveniently scan the patient’s wristlet to retrieve their data from the Hospital Information System (HIS).

Alerts when required – avoid alarm fatigue
Patient monitors need to alert hospital staff to critical situations without causing alarm fatigue. Nihon Kohden’s ec1 arrhythmia analysis algorithm lowers the number of false positives. In addition, HR, SpO2 and RR delay settings can prevent audible alarms for short-term condition changes. In contrast, alarm escalations can draw attention to warning alarms when a crisis occurs. Every monitor comes with an Interbed function that allows you to track your patient’s condition, even if you are standing at another bedside.

Smart CableTM 
A cost-effective solution for modular monitoring

Nihon Kohden’s unique Smart Cable™ technology:

  • Integrates traditional module circuitry into a patient cable
  • Gives you total modular flexibility at a significantly reduced cost
  • Eliminates the inconvenience associated with traditional modular systems