Case Focus on the outcome of your patient

In an ICU, the importance of reliable, efficient medical equipment and workflows cannot be underestimated.

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Patients in the ICU have life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and must therefore be carefully and closely monitored by a team of specially-trained health care providers. As a result, the ICU is one of the most costly stages of a patient’s hospital visit. High turnover rates in nursing staff and doctors can also lead to problems when performing complex therapies that require specific expertise, attempting to monitor patients closely, and documenting data in a reliable, efficient way.

ICU professionals face three major challenges: implementing monitoring systems that are easy and intuitive to use, evolving clinical workflows to increase efficiency, and delivering care that is tailored to specific patient needs.

Nihon Kohden has risen to these challenges with a complete solution – giving you total confidence in the reliability of your medical equipment. Offering patient monitoring, telemetry, defibrillators and supplies, our products create a more intuitive and efficient clinical workflow, allowing you to focus on ensuring the best possible patient outcome.