Case Uninterrupted patient workflow

Improving the efficiency of your perioperative patient workflow is not just about increasing throughput. It is mainly about removing distractions from your work, and ultimately improving your patient outcomes.

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The ease of handling equipment is an important contributor to that efficiency. For monitoring, this means keeping an eye on your patient’s vital signs with a solution that guides your focus, rather than presents you with complications.

Uninterrupted monitoring
We designed the Life Scope PT as a “grab and go” monitor to support you along a patient pathway. In your perioperative workflow, this means it can go with the patient from induction, through the operating room, into the recovery area, and even on to the ICU. In short, monitoring that accompanies the patient throughout their hospital stay.

From the moment you connect the patient, you can rely on easy, uninterrupted monitoring, even of parameters like EtCO2 or esCCO. Embedded memory means relevant information, including waveforms, graphic and tabular trends, and full disclosure review, stay with the patient. This gives you and your team access to seamless monitoring data all along the patient pathway.

On that journey, its low weight and five hours of battery life make it easy to bring wherever the patient needs to go. And, according to your workflow, you can use the one click action to connect or disconnect with higher acuity monitors, for example in the OR, or if the patient pathway extends to the ICU.

A complete patient record
Uninterrupted monitoring also guards against gaps in documentation. The Life Scope PT can store up to 72 hours of vital data during transport. It can synchronize with your clinical information systems (using HL7) when the patient arrives. This makes it possible to monitor without gaps for the whole patient stay.

Life Scope PT
Smart patient monitoring, even in transport


  • Made for transport:
    light (1.5kg) and handy, robust, five hour battery life
  • See and act:
    5.7 inch touchscreen, optimized transport display mode, continuously measure up to nine parameters
  • Easy docking:
    connect to monitors such as Life Scope TR or Life Scope G9 with just one click
  • Wide range of measurements:
    including 3, 6, or 12 lead ECG, up to two temperatures, up to two SpO2, IBP, CO2, bispectral index, and cardiac output and esCCO

One point of information
Having all the patient information and applications on one monitor saves space in the OR, and your time and effort. With G-Link, you can run Windows applications, like a patient data management system or access to laboratory data, on the monitor. You get vital signs and documentation at a glance.