Case Scalable monitoring solutions for the OR

Complete anesthesia workplaces
An efficiently organized workplace is key: Nihon Kohden offers a broad range of mounting solutions and interface options.

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These help you mount your monitoring ergonomically, gather and display data from anesthesia machines and other devices, and share data from and with clinical information systems. This all helps you make the most of your space at the operating table.

Access to patient information
Our Life Scope Monitoring Concept gives you access to patient monitoring information, or other applications like PDMS, wherever you need it:

  • Remote access to other sources of information on the monitor at the point of care, using G-Link
  • From one OR to another with the interbed functionality
  • Directly at the central station, which you can also access remotely
    Our product line

    You have a full range of Life Scope monitors to choose from, to meet different needs from low acuity monitoring, up to high-end solutions for the cardiac OR, with the Life Scope G9, which can provide 3 independent displays to provide the anesthetist, surgeon and perfusionist each with their own, customized view of the patient parameters.

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