Case Early detection for postoperative safety

Comprehensive information is just one aspect of our approach to your perioperative care pathway. Our range of measurement, telemetry and communication solutions continue to help you identify and avoid post-operative complications. This can contribute to decreasing lengths of stay, and even preventing deaths.

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Managing patients at risk of respiratory failure
When the safety and progress of your post-surgical patients is linked to the quality of their breathing, the sooner you can react to changes, the better. SpO2 can provide the information you need, but the greater immediacy of EtCO2 can give you an important time advantage.

To ensure the measurement itself is quick, easy and uninterrupted, our Cap-ONE EtCO2 works without heating time, and without moving parts that can be affected by occlusions. It is also the only mainstream EtCO2 sensor that works for intubated and non‑intubated patients.

Among the measurement options, the Cap-ONE mask is worth noting: its unique design – diffusing O2 for supply perpendicular to the CO2 flow – helps you achieve a both stable O2 concentration (for a higher FiO2 without rebreathing) and reliable EtCO2 results for both oral and nasal breathers.

End-tidal CO2 monitoring


  • Only mainstream EtCO2 sensor for intubated and non‑intubated patients
  • No heating time
  • Sturdy, compact, and reliable
  • Cap-ONE mask provides reliable EtCO2 measurement for both oral and nasal breathers

Identifying deterioration early
Critical events are often preceded by detectable deterioration in vital signs. Making the right information available to the right person makes it possible to recognize these early enough and act on them appropriately.

Our telemetry solutions can be tailored to your need, so you can allow your patients mobility without having to compromise on monitoring, and thus on their safety. And with ViTrac, you can keep an overview on multiple beds on your iPhone or iPad, wherever you have a connection to the hospital network. This gives you a summary of up to 12 patients on a single display, and full disclosure of up to 6 parameters for the last 72 hours. It is patient review in your pocket that you can use to provide immediate advice.

Life Scope G3
Mobile solution for vital sign monitoring


  • Robust, waterproof, wearable telemetry device that runs on WiFi
  • Rapid, up-to-date information on ECG, respiration, and SpO2
  • Direct access to review capabilities on the screen
  • Alarms draw attention to changes in condition, helping to detect deterioration sooner