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Cardiac safety - Never miss a beat

The innovative cardiolifeconnect AED surveillance solution in cooperation with CardiLink® gives you the status of your installed base at a glance. Never miss a beat with cardiolife connect. It provides full-service AED management including complete monitoring of the cardilofeAED-3100 and other Nihon Kohden AEDs.

You are not only getting the inside of the current status of your AED but also its exact destination (GPS) and if it is used to save a patient. The whole platform is customizable to individual requirements in terms of notifications and integration.

  • Full service
  • ​Complete monitoring
  • Customizable 


  • 24/7 readiness: To ensure the AED status not only the readiness of the AED is surveyed but also a notification is sent out when it is moved or used.
  • Real Localization: The Cardiolifeconnect solution brings the AED-3100 the capability to be localized via GPS signal 
  • Easy Data Access: The Dashboard allows a convenient overview of all related data. The APP (iOS, Android) facilitate the data visualization in an intuitive way.  
  • Flexible safety: Due to the geofencing functionality an alarm will be only triggered if the AED is moved out of individuality by the customer-defined area.
  • Enhanced integration: Cardiolifeconnect offers an interface to other vendors for transmitting AED data to first responder rescue apps.
  • Full compatibility: Besides AED-3100 also AED of the 21xx series can be connected to CardiLink®. Furthermore, cardiolifeconnect can be added to AEDs at a later stage after initial installation.

24/7 AED surveillance and readiness

Cardiolifeconnect is used for 24/7 monitoring of the AED. Nihon Kohden provides monitoring of the AED-3100 to verify that an AED is operational:

  • Disposable pads shelf life
  • Battery level
  • Selftest
  • Automated notifications

You can decide individually whether you receive notifications of daily and monthly self-tests or when certain actions occur, such as when the AED is turned on or when the AED leaves a certain location. Cardiolifeconnect allows you to select different notifications: Email, SMS and Messenger services.

You can also adjust whether you want to get email or SMS notifications about these self-selected events.


Cardiolifeconnect’s technology is comprised of a communication module and a web-accessible dashboard which provides a bird’s eye view of all AEDs, giving the operator the ability to monitor the service level and readiness of all deployed units at any given time. This singular, unified oversight can also be accessed via the CardiLink® apps for iOS and Android smartphones.

Screenshot Dashboard


The App facilitates the data visualization in an intuitive way. Registration is made the easiest way possible via the CardiLink® 2.0 App, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile app view

GPS tracking & Geo fencing

Cardiolifeconnect enables real GPS tracking. This means exact information where the AED is located on a digital map.
Several details of motion activity are available in a movement list. 

In addition, the GEO fencing function triggers an alarm if the AED leaves a certain defined radius.

  • GPS tracking
  • The exact point of destination where an AED is used
  • Trigger alarm radius
  • Movement list

geo fencing in app

Interface & compatibility

Due to the API interface, cardiolifeconnect offers a unique integration which is able to transfer data to mobile first-responder apps.
This Solution is capable of full hardware compatibility. Even in retrospect, all AEDs of the Nihon Kohden portfolio can be equipped with the cardiolifeconnect solution. 

Applicable to the whole Nihon Kohden AED portfolio: