Cardiolife AED-2150

Save a life with Cardiolife AED

Biphasic defibrillation

Nihon Kohden's Cardiolife AED-2150 is an automated external defibrillator that simplifies and streamlines the defibrillation process for first responders in an emergency situation.

In addition to easy-to-follow voice instructions, the Cardiolife AED-2150 also offers graphical instructions on the display screen, which are very useful in noisy environments. It also includes an option to display the ECG waveform on the screen and ECG analysis, if requested by specialist personnel.

Cardiolife AED-2150 can be used in both adults and children, with the same electrodes, as the discharge energy can be reduced by selecting the “child mode”. The daily and monthly tests that the device performs automatically guarantee its availability for use, and its functionality can be easily controlled with the status indicator.