AED Linkage New

Cardiolife AED remote monitoring system

With AED Linkage you can check the status of your Cardiolife AED installation and consumables remotely. At any time of the day you can check the AED status. You can register and monitor the status and expiration date of each consumable item. When the expiration date is coming close, you will be alerted in order for you to replace these items on time. The outcome of the AEDs daily and monthly self-tests are reported to a database, and in case of any need for your attention you will be alerted automatically.

The connection between the AED and the web page is made through a wireless modem, which sends data via 3G mobile connection to the server
of the AED remote monitoring system. With 3G you can be certain that the connection stays stable.

AED remote monitoring

AED Linkage can provide easy monitoring of Cardiolife AEDs including pads and battery controlled by wireless modem.

Normal status – indicator is green

Cardiolife AED carries out a daily self-test. If the AED works properly, the administrator receives a status e-mail in a 5 day rhythm.

The status e-mail informs about:

  • AED status
  • Expiration date of defibrillation pads
  • Expiration date of battery
  • Remaining power of battery (%)

Deviating status – indicator is red

If the Cardiolife AED detects any deviating status or malfunction during its self-test, an alert e-mail will be sent until the issue is solved.

Possible alert situations could be:

  • Battery power low or empty
  • Pads are disconnected or expired
  • Problem on circuit

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