Patients vital view – anytime, anywhere

Accessing monitoring information anytime, anywhere sometimes becomes a necessity. It can even be critical to save a patient’s life. ViTrac, based on Unified Gateway Server, is a viewer software designed with cutting-edge technology that allows you to access monitoring information for multiple patients anytime, any place on your iPad or iPhone.

ViTrac – a highly versatile multi-patient viewer software that is highly effective for review and alarm notification. Offering near real-time monitoring at your fingertips, it is a functional caregiver on the move – from Nihon Kohden, a global manufacturer of innovative products and advanced technologies for medical treatment.

Comprehensive review

ViTrac offers complete review of monitoring information.

  • Robust and easy-to-use interface which allows users to see current waveforms, vital signs, and stored data.
  • Patient data includes interactive and time-linked monitoring data such as graphical and tabular trends, hemodynamic calculations, waveforms, 12-lead ECG, multi-parameter full disclosure waveforms, arrhythmia events, minute-to-minute ST templates, trends, and other information.
  • Continuously and simultaneously display data for up to 12 patients on iPad devices and 8 patients on iPhone devices.

Compatible devices

  • ViTrac is compatible with Apple products iPad 2 / iPad mini /iPhone 4 / iPod touch 4 or advanced products.
  • Unified Gateway requires a central nursing station (CNS) for trend data without which only real-time data can be reviewed.

Language portability

ViTrac can be used in different languages as per requirement. Settings function in the compatible iPhone allows for changing language- and region-dependent parameter units.

Easy access

ViTrac can be used both within the hospital and outside, too.

  • Offers local / remote access to Nihon Kohden generated patient data for timely decisions and intervention.
  • Patient data can be viewed in near real-time on a mobile iOS device within the hospital network or remotely via a VPN connection without any additional configuration changes.

Central control

ViTrac offers guaranteed security. The administrator can assign bedside monitors or monitor groups to dedicated devices for patient separation. Authentication will be done device-based to simplify workflow.