VISMO Series

Responsible monitoring to save lives

Responsible monitoring of patients is imperative. It is essential to disseminate patient information precisely and coherently for effective care. The VISMO series is a smart range of bedside monitors designed to include a new, unique on-screen operation guide that makes monitoring even easier by not only assessing problems but also giving illustrations and guidance on how to solve them.

Vismo series is a high precision, convenient, and simple-to-use range of bedside monitors suitable for all types of clinical settings, from Nihon Kohden, the global manufacturer of innovative products and advanced technologies.

Responsive range

VISMO series comes in two models:  VISMO PVM-47X1 and VISMO PVM-47X3, each with 10.4” high-resolution color TFT LCD
touchscreen displays with features responsive to real-life needs.

Smart review

The VISMO series offers dynamic storage and review facilities with full disclosure waveforms and tabular and graphical trends.

  • Up to 120 hours storage of review data, trends, arrhythmia recall, and alarm history
  • Up to 120 hours full disclosure of one waveform
  • Time is synchronized across all review screens
  • Nihon Kohden’s eC1 arrhythmia analysis, efficiently eliminating false alarms
  • PWTT-triggered NIBP measurement for detecting changes in blood pressure (Nihon Kohden patented)
  • esCCO (estimated continuous cardiac output)

Active on-screen operation guide

VISMO series offers selectable screen layouts and a unique feature that ensures responsible monitoring – streamlining operations and making it extremely easy to use for any caregiver.

  • On-screen operation guiding function making usage simple and easy
  • Illustrations provide more information than alarm sounds
  • Guidance for correct attachment of ECG electrodes, SpO2, probe, and NIBP cuff
  • Recommended measurement method for each parameter

Special features

Lightweight and easy to carry with handle, the VISMO series provides some additional features that further enhance monitoring.

  • Complete modular flexibility with Smart CableTM System, which immediately detects parameter type and starts measuring accordingly when connected to a MULTI socket.
  • MULTI connectors for IBP or CO2 mainstream (depending on the model)
  • Network capability (LAN/telemetry)
  • Inter-bed monitoring with data of two numerics for eight patients or all numeric data for one patient on inter-bed screen
  • Any bedside monitor can be used to check vital data of another monitor in the network through ‘Multiple bed window’ function, which displays data for all patients and individual bed window for a particular patient
  • Effective ECG monitoring with 23 types of arrhythmia detection, ST measurement, and selectable QRS detection (adult, child, or neonate)

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