Review necessary data – anytime, anywhere

NetKonnect is a client-server web application, which is provided by Nihon Kohden. It is installed on a server PC that is connected between the Nihon Kohden patient monitoring system and hospital network.

It provides a patient’s current waveforms, vital signs and history such as full disclosure data, arrhythmia history, ST level history, trend data, hemodynamics data, and 12 lead ECG interpretations as a web application. This data can be viewed on a remote PC (client PC) providing that it has the appropriate operating system software and can connect to the NetKonnect server PC through the Internet or direct network connection. The printout and file output capabilities in the history review screens are also available.



Real-time reviewing

​You can review the patient’s condition and trends in real-time from a conference room, physician’s office, home or even outside the country and discuss treatment with the caregivers who are at the bedside. This enhances your effectiveness and safe patient care.

Easy with web browser

The web browser shows clear, easy to see waveforms and data just like the bedside monitor. The familiar display provides easy operation for caregivers.



Complete patient data

Patient data includes waveforms, 12-lead ECG, full disclosure ECG*, arrhythmia and ST recall*, trends* and other information*, just like on the bedside monitor.
(*Note: A Nihon Kohden Central Nursing Station is needed to see the review data.)

Guaranteed confidentiality

Confidentiality and controlled access to patient data is important in a network. Administrator can create multiple user accounts and control which users can view which patients. Five accounts are standard.
(Only NetKonnect (QP-983P))

NetKonnect (QP-983P)

Is a Web server software that is installed in a server and links Life Scope patient monitoring network (LS-NET) to the hospital network. This software allows access to critical patient monitor data in the LS-NET from any PC in the hospital network or even outside using VPN connection.
NK netkonnect_server_0.jpg

NetKonnect LT (QP-985P)

Is a standalone viewer software that is installed on a local PC. When this PC is directly connected to the LS-NET, you can access critical patient monitor data from the LS-NET.

NK patient monitoring network_0.jpg


netkonnect_wave_screen.jpgWave screen netkonnect_12_lead_ecg_screen.jpg12-lead ECG screen
netkonnect_arrhytmia_recall_screen_0.jpgArrhythmia recall screen netkonnect_st_recall_screen.jpg
ST recall screen
netkonnect_full_disclosure_screen.jpgFull disclosure screen netkonnect_trend_screen.jpgTrend screens