Life Scope VS

Reliable monitoring to sustain life

Flexibility in monitoring patients across various clinical settings is a must.

It eases usability and convenience, as well as saving lives by communicating accurate information. The Life Scope VS series is a cutting-edge range of bedside monitors with a large display which easily integrates unique modular technology with pragmatic functionality.

Life Scope VS series is a practical range of bedside monitors that fit ideally in all types of care settings including ICU/OR/transport, from Nihon Kohden, a global manufacturer of innovative products and advanced technologies.

Distinct dimensions

The Life Scope VS series comes in two sizes (12.1" and 15"), each with high-resolution touchscreen displays.

  • Reliable design and quality
  • Flexible choice of parameters for adaptive monitoring in different care settings
  • Easy installation even in narrow spaces with Wall Mount Kit
  • Comprehensive monitoring with Cart and Transmitter
  • Monitoring on the move with Wireless LAN options

Reliable review

Life Scope VS offers advanced storage and review capabilities, with easy access to historical data that includes up to 24 hours of 5 selected full disclosure waveforms, tabular and graphical trends, and many special attributes.

  • Synchronized time across all trend screens
  • Customization of trend table and graph as per each patient’s condition
  • ECG, SpO2 (Nihon Kohden, Nellcor, or Masimo) and temperature (2ch)
  • Optional second screen with Life Scope VS 3700 series

Smart supervision

Life Scope VS has smart features for precise monitoring.

  • Nihon Kohden’s ec1 arrhythmia analysis provides superior elimination of false alarms
  • PWTT-triggered NIBP measurement detects changes in blood pressure (Nihon Kohden patented technology)
  • 12-channel ECG with 10 electrodes
  • 12-channel ST analysis
  • Comprehensive multi-lead arrhythmia analysis and replay of all recorded events


Futuristic features

Life Scope VS offers progressive monitoring with innovative features.

  • Complete modular flexibility with the Smart Cable™ System, which immediately detects parameter type and starts measuring accordingly when connected to a MULTI socket
  • capONE EtCO2 sensor measure to prevent respiratory incidents or detect breathing/ventilator issues. It is the world’s smallest, lightest, fastest, and most durable mainstream CO2 sensor for oral and nasal breathers. Designed for intubated and non-intubated patients, capONE shows a clear EtCO2 reading, enabling quick and appropriate action
  • iNIBP and BluPro SpO2 technology for enhanced patient comfort and clinical accuracy

Reliable connectivity

Effective network capability allows inter-bed monitoring of multiple patients without a central monitor (up to 16 beds). Additionally, direct HL7 communication enables the exchange of data between the Life Scope VS and HIS without any additional software.

  • Multiple beds window that displays status of all patients
  • Individual bed window for detailed data of each patient
  • NetKonnect (optional) for reviewing real-time patient data and history, anytime, anywhere, from your PC
  • ZS-900PK transmitter, WLAN adaptor, or LAN cable for transmitting data to the central monitor wirelessly or by hardwired network
  • HL7 Gateway Server which connects LS-NET monitor network to the hospital or clinical information system (HIS, CIS)

    Outstanding options

    Optional features are also available to further enhance monitoring.

    • Up to 72 hours storage of numerical and graphical trend data
    • Up to 72 hours full disclosure for up to 5 waveforms
    • Connection of up to 2 external devices
    • Remote control
    • 3-channel print head

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