Life Scope TR

Innovation to integrate

Seamless monitoring of patients is vital, even in the course of transport to another care setting. It is imperative to save and disseminate patient information for effective care.

The Life Scope TR series, a novel range of bedside monitors designed to include new unique modular technology, facilitates competent functioning by enhancing clinical workflow. It is a high-acuity range of bedside monitors suitable for all types of care settings, including ICU, OR, and transport.

Distinct dimensions for divergent demands

Life Scope TR Series comes in different sizes (10.4”, 12.1”, and 15”) of high resolution touchscreen displays.

  • Same features
  • Similar selection of input and expansion units for adaptive monitoring in different care settings
  • Up to 15 waveforms display with 15-inch display

Alarm advantage

  • ec1 arrhythmia analysis provides superior elimination of false alarms
  • PWTT-triggered NIBP measurement to detect changes in BP (Nihon Kohden patented)

Futuristic features that enhance efficiency

  • Rational review of data – Life Scope TR offers advanced storage and review capabilities
    - With full disclosure waveforms, tabular and graphical trends, and many special attributes
    - Arrhythmia recall with multi-lead arrhythmia analysis
    - Diagnostic 12-lead ECG analysis and multi-lead ST segment
  • Inter-bed monitoring for ICUs, even without central monitor. Numerical data for 16 patients or numerical data and two waveforms for one patient can be displayed on the interbed screen
  • Smart data review provides storage and review capabilities within the bedside monitor that are typically found in a central station
  • Direct HL7 communication, which allows the exchange of data between the Life Scope TR and HIS without any additional software

Thoughtful technology

Life Scope TR has many advanced features that offer progressive monitoring, with the provision for future innovations since new parameters can be incorporated as and when developed.

  • aEEG (amplitude-integrated EEG) which makes it easier to detect seizure (not available in Life Scope TR BSM-6301)
  • capONE EtCO2 sensor is world’s smallest, lightest, fastest, and most durable mainstream CO2 sensor for oral and nasal breathers. Designed for intubated and non-intubated patients
  • Fluid optimization: Nihon Kohden supports best fluid volume management in the preoperative period for better outcome
  • PWTT (pulse wave transit time) and esCCO™ (estimated continuous cardiac output)
  • Pulmonary calculation
  • Smart Cable™ System
  • iNIBP and BluPro SpO2 technology for enhanced patient comfort and clinical accuracy

Meticulous Monitoring Network (optional)

Efficient monitoring of patients in multi-patient settings such as OR, ICU, CCU, NICU, or general ward.

  • ViTrac™: unified gateway
  • HL7 Gateway connecting LS-NET monitor network to the hospital or clinical information system (HIS, CIS)
  • NetKonnect and transmitter permit review of real-time patient data and history anytime, anywhere from your PC

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