ECG Gateway

Integrate patient monitoring ECG diagnostic into CIS

Acquires the 12 lead ECG waveform analysis data from bedside monitors for storing in documentation system or further processing in Nihon Kohden database system.

Introducing Nihon Kohden ECG Gateway simplifies the way of performing and documenting 12-lead ECG analyse in intensive care units, emergency departments, general wards and all other departments where patients are monitored and ECG analysis is required. Connecting a standard Nihon Kohden 10-lead cable enhances the bedside monitor to become a full ECG device with ECAPS12 analysis capability. Database management systems as receive the ECG data for storing and support medical staff to compare ECG measurements of different Nihon Kohden ECG devices.


  • Performing on-demand 12-lead ECG analysis on bedside monitors without additional ECG devices.
  • Tracking the outcome of treatment and medication from ER to ICU without reconnecting patients to separate ECG devices, instant performing ECG analysis when keeping the 10 lead cable and electrodes connected.
  • Easy comparing of recorded ECG in database regardless of the source – either cardiology or patient monitoring.
  • ECG Gateway server provides data to CIS, PDMS, in XML, PDF or HL7 using Nihon Kohden standard database system
  • Option to provide ECG data to other clinical information systems, requires interface understanding Nihon Kohden ECG data format.

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