Neuropack S1

Efficient, innovative and time saving diagnosis

Nihon Kohden Neuropack S1 offers efficient EMG, NCS and EP examination with innovative time saving technology. It is available in two or four channel amplifier with both desktop or laptop configuration. Our compact low noise amplifier ensures quick waveform. The new examination list creates a seamless integration of protocols, patients and reports leading to improved productivity, reduced test time and ensuring faster examination as much as possible. The functional keypad of Neuropack S1 enables the user to complete an entire exam without the use of a keyboard or a mouse.

The Neuropack S1 measurement system is built to cover all aspects of diagnostics, delivering innovative functionality, high signal quality, and durability to ensure efficiency – all while remaining simple to use.

Low noise, compact amplifier

The compact electrode junction box allows easy mobility for use in various places such as ward, examination room, office, and laboratory. Its low noise amplifier speeds up the examination by giving you clean waveforms easily and quickly. Integrated impedance check, which can be activated directly on the input box; ensuring reliable placement of electrodes.

User-friendly control panel

The simple and easy-to-use control panel allows smooth examination. You can change the electric stimulation duration and rate with easy, one-touch operation. The big main operation buttons of the Neuropack series have been proven in many previous product generations. This concept has been further enhanced by providing dedicated buttons so that there is no more need to use your computers keyboard or mouse during an examination.

Multitasking window

Up to eight test protocol windows can be open simultaneously, thus making it easy to revisit previous steps of the examination series. The examination list is your central navigation portal during and after the examination and allows you to easily track what has been done already.


NeuroReport is the common reporting tool for all EEG, EMG, and IOM systems by Nihon Kohden. Various pre-defined templates can be used to create customized reports for different examination types. A powerful auto-text function helps to create individual reports. The reports that are saved within the database in a license-free format will automatically converted to PDF after finalizing. This prevents those important medical documents from being tampered with and makes them available in a universal software format as well.


The NeuroNavi on-screen examination guide shows examination information, electrode, and stimulation positions for NCS and other examinations. By including technical and physiological background information, the NeuroNavi goes way above the typical obligatory operation manual. On-screen operation manuals are also available. You can refer to the NeuroNavi and operation manuals at any time.

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