The AIRWAY SCOPE AWS-S200, video laryngoscope, is a medical device designed to facilitate safe and secure intubation of patients, particularly in difficult situations. It is associated with shorter intubation times, higher success rates, and improved safety for both patients and healthcare providers. 


The Nihon Kohden AIRWAY SCOPE (AWS-S200) offers several features that enhance the ease and accuracy of intubation. It provides clear on-screen crosshairs that guide healthcare providers of all skill levels during intubation. Its high-definition colour LCD display offers a superior laryngeal view, enabling reliable tracheal intubation. The disposable blades include a tube guide groove, eliminating the need for a stylet, and a hole for a suction catheter (large adult blade only). Studies show that it is associated with faster intubation times and higher first-pass success rates than other devices, particularly for less experienced practitioners. 


The AIRWAY SCOPE prioritizes patient safety and minimizes the risk of exposure to infectious aerosols. Its design reduces the likelihood of failed intubation, even in patients with COVID-19 or critical illness. It provides a better view of vocal cords, faster intubation time, and higher success rates than other laryngoscopes, particularly for patients with cervical spine immobilization. It also allows clinicians to perform tracheal intubation without interrupting CPR, reducing the risk of oral and pharyngeal injury. The sterile, disposable blades minimize the risk of cross-contamination.


The AIRWAY SCOPE is a versatile device that can be used in various patient populations. It allows tracheal intubation to be performed without extending the neck, making it ideal for patients with trauma or suspected spinal cord injuries. It connects to external LCD monitors or video recording devices, enhancing visualization during clinical use or training exercises. Its waterproof construction allows it to be used outdoors, even in the rain. The device offers four different sizes of NK PBLADE® disposable blades for use in patients from neonates through adult. 


The AIRWAY SCOPE offers efficient and rapid intubation times, particularly in difficult airways. It offers a significantly shorter median time to intubation than other devices, up to 33 seconds faster. This time-saving feature can be critical in emergency situations, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.