Yawara Cuff 2

A new generation of NIBP cuffs

The name YAWARA CUFF comes from the Japanese expression ‚yawarakai‘ which means soft to the touch.

Yawara Cuff 2 is available in six different sizes with improved cuff length. The exterior size-scale quickly helps in selecting the proper cuff size, from infant to large adult or thigh, for accurate measurements. The velcro part of the cuff is divided into two high quality velcro types. This helps to fix the
cuff on the arm with the first velcro part whereas you can completely adjust the cuff with the second velcro part.

It uses a soft and smooth cloth together with a buffer sheet to reduce the risk of subcutaneous bleeding. The fabric is hypoallergic and allows the skin to breathe. Furthermore, the material of the cloth can be easily wiped clean.

Yawara Cuff 2 has a wider opening in the cover which allows very easy removal of the bladder for cleaning. The watertight connector cap keeps out liquid during cleaning the bladder. There is a nylon fibre inside the air tube preventing kinking and incidents associated with tube kinking.

A cuff with special features

Reducing internal bleeding
If wrinkles are formed as below, part of the measuring site may be trapped in the valley portions of the wrinkles, which could cause internal bleeding. Yawara Cuff 2 has a cushion between an inflation bag and skin to avoid these wrinkles and reduces internal bleeding.

Easy handling of the inflation bag
With a wide slit, it is easy to remove and replace the inflation bladder.

Kink-free tube
Yawara Cuff 2 has a kink-free tube. The tube will not kinked - even if bent through a 180-degree angle.

Easy to clean
Yawara Cuff 2 has a watertight connector cap, which prevents fluid from entering the tube (and bladder) during cleaning.

Indicator of appropriate range of attachment site
With a clear indication of proper size printed on the cuff, you can see at a glance if the cuff size is correct for your patient.

yawara cuff features

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