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Quality Diagnosis within Reach

Quality Diagnosis

Accurate Data for Faster Diagnosis

The advanced filtering technology eliminates noise with less waveform distortion. The Nihon Kohden ECAPS 12C ECG analysis program provides more than 200 findings with detailed analysis. It is based on a contour verification database with 13.000 ECGs and a rhythm verification database with 19.000 ECGs.

Identifying Sudden Arrhythmia

5-inch colour TFT display realizes clear 12-lead waveform monitoring and reduces the chance to redo the test. Store the latest 3 minutes of all lead ECG waveforms in the internal memory and ensure that important information is not lost.

Quality Examination Anywhere

Extremely light and compact weight guarantees stress-free mobility. The long time operation battery enables quality and portable examination anywhere: 180 minutes or more, depending on conditions.

Patient with 12 leads electrodes    

Quality Accessibility to Patient Data

Cardiofax C (ECG-3150) supports various types of data output, which is wired via LAN or a built-in wireless LAN module.

* Compatible web browser and environment are required for inside network use.

With the patient query function, patient data can be downloaded to the Cardiofax C to align with the upcoming ECG examination. Together with the ECG portfolio and the data interface and workflow management tool, a strong combination is available. The “Web Server” of the Cardiofax C provides a simple solution for basic data management (review and extraction as a PDF file via web browser*).


• Cart, KD-105D/E
• Patient cable arm, K H -10 0 D
• USB flash disk, DTSE9G2/16GB or equivalent
• Wireless LAN module, QI-330D
• Battery pack, SB-301D

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