Cardiofax V New

Providing more information and high versatility

The Cardiofax V electrocardiograph was designed to deliver the best possible diagnostics in the field of resting as well as stress test ECG. Cardiofax V supports caregivers in their daily routines by supporting efficient workflows and providing comprehensive clinical information to ensure reliable diagnosis for today’s diverse patient population.

With its large 12-inch color touch display, data can be viewed easily. The display allows for ECG preview before recording. Other efficiency tools like customizable smart keys or a help function for ECG electrodes placement improve and simplify the caregiver’s workflow. Nihon Kohden’s breakthrough technology supports clinicians in testing more patients by providing enhanced information:

The synECi18 technology makes 18-lead ECG information available from a 12-lead ECG, thus optimizing patient safety and functioning as a great triage tool without additional workload on the caregiver. Our high quality waveform analysis technology meets the IEC60601-2-25:2011 international standard for electrocardiographs’ accuracy and safety, and supports noise elimination with no waveform distortion for a reliable diagnosis.

High versatility and efficient workflow

  • High visibility: The large 12-inch color touch display shows ECG waveforms and analysis results clearly.
  • Easy operation: The touch panel display shows all the keys right on the display for intuitive operation. Configurable smart keys on the main unit help to simplify the operation.
  • Efficient workflow: A start/ stop key on the patient input box improves caregiver’s workflow. An alarm indicates if electrodes are detached supported by an illustration on the screen. The patient ID check functionality indicates if the patient information is not entered or if the patient had 2 limb leads detach for 5 seconds or more and the patient information has not been changed.
  • Reliable diagnosis: Cardiofax V features a digital input box with noise resistance. It digitalizes the ECG signals, reducing AC noise in the waveform.
  • Electronic recording: The preview function allows for checking of waveforms and analysis results before recording. In paperless mode, waveform and analysis results can be transferred to a PC for review using USB, SD card, LAN, or WiFi. PDF and DICOM are supported as output modes.
  • Easy data transfer: Up to 18,000 ECG files can be stored in the internal memory. Approximately 48,000 ECG files can be stored in an SD memory card.
  • Optional stress testing functionality: Cardiofax V can be connected to a treadmill or ergometer (*) to generate a 12-lead ECG while exercising.

More information and reliable diagnosis

High level 12-lead ECG analysis – Cardiofax V includes Nihon Kohden’s latest interpretation program, ECAPS 12C analysis program. It provides simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition for up to 24 seconds and analysis with approximately 200 findings and 5 judgment categories. ECAPS 12C can also find typical waveforms of Brugada-type electrocardiograms.

Nihon Kohden developed synECi18 as a breakthrough technology to provide 18-lead ECG information from a standard 12-lead ECG by synthesis of the additional leads V3R to V5R and V7 to V9 to help identify invisible ischemia.

Especially when presentation is not typical or initial 12-lead ECG is negative, diagnostic inaccuracy may cause harmful delays. Timely ischemia detection may prevent myocardial damage or may shorten the time to PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) indication.

With the same workload and cost as for the standard ECG procedure, patient safety is optimized and time to reperfusion may be reduced. Especially in emergencies, synECi18 is regarded as a useful triage tool to enhance outcomes through early recognition and stratification.

High performance IEC60601-2-25:2011 – Cardiofax V complies with IEC standard IEC60601-2-25:2011 which approves high accuracy of signal processing (AC filtering), ECG measurement, and ECG analysis. It helps you with accurate ECG diagnosis.

(*) Treadmill: Valiant (Lode BV); TMX428 (Full Vision.Inc); STEX-8100T (TAEHA Mechatronics.,LTD) Ergometer: Corival (Lode BV); ergoselect 50/100/200 (ergoline GmbH)

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