Cardiolife TEC-8300

Advanced defibrillator with seamless monitoring

Emergencies are crucial times, especially in cases of cardiac distress. Immediate intervention may be needed at such acute moments. For this, accurate, reliable monitoring with life support is a must.

Highly advanced Cardiolife TEC-8300 series defibrillators are portable biphasic defibrillators designed with cutting-edge technology. They offer seamless monitoring of vital parameters with critical life-support functions for intensive care before and after reaching clinical care.

Efficiency-enhancing features

The Cardiolife TEC-8300 series is designed for emergency situations. It is equipped with features and technologies which enable fast charging and shock delivery, easy operation, and efficient monitoring of cardiac patients.

  • High-resolution 8.4” TFT color LCD display for showing ECG, pulse, energy charge, 12-lead ECG, CO2/SpO2/NIBP/IBP/Temp
  • Up to 6 traces can be shown simultaneously
  • Provides intuitive and user-friendly AED function and external pacing
  • Paddles that include external and internal paddles and disposable pads can be easily changed with one connector
  • 12-lead ECG data can be shared with mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Data transmission to remote facilities by email
  • Nihon Kohden’s data management system allows to view data at the hospital on a PC with ECG viewer software
  • Self-test indicator that facilitates daily and monthly tests
  • AC/battery operation
  • Built-in thermal array recorder records variety of defibrillation information
  • SD card for storage

Intensive monitoring

The Cardiolife TEC-8300 series also offers comprehensive monitoring in hospital for cardiac arrest care.

  • MULTI connector ensures monitoring of parameters such as ECG, SpO2, CO2, IBP, NIBP and temperature
  • Original ec1 arrhythmia analysis algorithm improves the accuracy pf arrhythmia analysis and reduces false alarms
  • Adjustable alarm settings
  • Complete modular flexibility with MULTI connector and Smart CableTM System that immediately detects type of parameter and starts measuring accordingly when connected to MULTI socket

Smart technologies

The Cardiolife TEC-8300 series comes with certain special technologies that offer vital advantages to cardiac patients, ensuring their safety and well-being.

  • Unique ActiBiphasic technology by Nihon Kohden uses a particular T-circuit which actively controls the second phase of the shock impulse, keeping a constant impulse curve. Defibrillation with low-energy-consuming biphasic impulse curve ensures less damage to the cardiac muscle while guaranteeing high defibrillation efficiency.
  • capONE is the world’s first mainstream CO2 sensor that can measure EtCO2 in non-intubated patients. It can also accurately measure CO2 for intubated patients by altering the airway adapter. It requires no complicated settings or warm-up time, therefore delivering quick results.
  • iNIBP and BluPro SpO2 technology ensure enhanced patient comfort and clinical accuracy.