Lifeline ARM New

Automated chest compression device for professionals

Precise operation of the Lifeline ARM helps to ensure high-quality and continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) associated with better survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)1. With an innovative and elegant design, the Lifeline ARM is an automated solution for providing victims of sudden cardiac arrest high-quality and continuous CPR that is associated with better survival outcomes.2 Easy to deploy and use, the device delivers compressions, with complete chest recoil, at the depth and rate recommended by the AHA/ERC cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines. Using a proprietary algorithm that compensates for variability in patient chest resistances, the Lifeline ARM delivers precise compressions, an important factor for effective CPR.3

Removable compression module

The removable compression module is unique to the Lifeline ARM. Its modularity facilitates easy deployment and makes it much more convenient to use and service. The module houses a software controlled motor and the compression piston. In conjunction with the frame and backboard, the compression module delivers chest compressions at a consistent depth and rate without undue frame deflection or distortion, both of which impact CPR efficacy.1

  • The module provides high quality CPR (recommended depth and rate) with full chest recoil without interruptions according to AHA/ERC Guidelines
  • A proprietary algorithm ensures consistent depth and rate of the compressions across a wide range of patient chest resistances
  • A custom designed brushless DC motor drives the compression piston delivering smooth and consistent operation

Maximum patient accesibility

Self-centering and self-locking latches on the frame make it easy to match up with, and securely snap into, the backboard.

  • Two sets of wide release levers, located on each side of the frame, provide multiple frame release options
  • Purposeful redundancy of release levers enables easy detachment of both sides of the frame, or one side at a time
  • Integrated patient lift handles
  • Simultaneous defibrillation is possible

Increased structural integrity

For superior performance during compressions, a rigid frame and backboard enable operation without unwanted flex.

  • Single-piece design of the frame enhances usability during deployment and use
  • Stiff structure provides consistent compression depth, an important element for patient survival1
  • Accommodates a broad range of adult patient sizes (weight is not a factor)
  • Provides high quality CPR delivery during transport
  • Well-balanced and lightweight

Intuitive User Interface with Real-Time protocol selection

The Lifeline ARM’s extremely simplified control panel requires just two steps to initiate mechanical CPR: (1) Adjust the compression piston’s height relative to the patient’s chest using the Up / Down buttons, (2) Select from two rescue protocols by pressing the corresponding softkey: Chest compressions only (no breaths), or chest compressions with rescue breaths.

  • With real-time CPR protocol selection, you can switch between the two protocols during the rescue
  • The compressions with breaths protocol has timed pauses programmed into the compression cycle to allow for rescue breaths
  • At any time, compressions may be stopped (paused), or resumed

Unmatched Operating Times

Prolonged CPR efforts may benefit some patients.3 With the Lifeline ARM’s longer battery life, it is especially suited for extended periods of uninterrupted CPR accommodating long transports to, or lengthy treatments in, a hospital. By design, the Lifeline ARM, with its advanced battery technology and flexible power options, may be operated using the rechargeable battery pack or the external AC power adapter, which even during use is capable of recharging the battery pack.

  • Fastest in-unit recharge time
  • Higher number of charge/discharge cycles
  • Rapid battery pack swapping
  • Battery pack can be inserted in multiple orientations

Highly Visible & Portable

Time is of the essence in a rescue, and equipment needs to be easy to carry, deploy, and pack up. The lightweight Lifeline ARM comes with a red canvas carrying case designed for backpack portability. Inside the structured case is a custom foam insert that perfectly contours the Lifeline ARM components for easy access and repacking.

Built to Withstand Demanding Environments

The structural design of the frame and backboard, and the housing of the compression module, combine to contribute to its extreme durability, strength, and impact resistance, making it one tough unit. Designed to be reliable and rugged, the Lifeline ARM is protected against ingress and fluid spray, and it meets military standards for vibration.