March 25, 2020 Message from NKE's President in response to COVID-19

Given the current situation and the expert prognoses of the future development, we need to set the priority towards the health and safety of our employees and partners, as well as their families. In addition, we have the responsibility to prevent negative impact on the business operability and the subsequent economic impact on our company, likewise for the enterprises of our partners.

1. Customer Needs

In order to be able to manage the hourly increasing demand for products, we have implemented certain measures to keep the situation under control as good as possible. Europe is most affected by the corona virus outbreak outside of China. Our Headquarter in Japan has also understood how serious the situation is for all of us in Europe, especially for our friends, coworkers and partners in Italy. NKE now is the #1 priority when it comes to providing products, assistance and support. The Nihon Kohden Group is doing its best to support the needs in the European Market.

2. Measures to keep our employees safe

Keeping our employees, their families, and our customers and their patients in good health is our main priority at the moment. As one of the first measurements to minimize the risk of contamination, the majority of our employees have transitioned into home office. For the teams that require a mandatory presence to keep the business running we have set up a rotating system and provided them with strict safety, hygienic and prevention measures. All traveling and meetings have been set to the absolute minimum or postponed until further notice.  We are closely following the latest governmental orders to be properly updated on the protective measures that are recommended.

3. Business continuity

Our Sales, Marketing and Leadership teams in NKE are having several daily meetings on updates on news, incoming goods, logistics and  demand, in order to better allocate the available products in a reasonable manner. We are working diligently to optimize the supply of the products that are needed most now. We collaborate closely with material suppliers, forwarders, customs and authorities to find ways to accelerate the availability of urgently required solutions.

4. How are we helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic

The Nihon Kohden Group is fulfilling the urgent need for medical equipment by providing, installing and servicing medical technology where it’s needed most. In total, Nihon Kohden has donated more than 1.4M EUR worth of Patient Monitors, Defibrillators and Ventilators to the China Primary Healthcare Foundation, Wuhan Puren Hospital, Shanghai Minhang District Health Commission and Huashan Hospital Fudan University.

Our broad portfolio of products, services and comprehensive Critical Care Solutions can help address the preparedness, response and recovery needs of an infectious respiratory disease such as COVID-19. These include patient monitoring solutions to monitor a patient’s vital signs and detect subtle changes, and ventilators and medical consumables for invasive and non-invasive ventilation to treat a wide range of respiratory conditions.

Last but not least, we would like to give a sincere “Thank You” and express our deepest appreciation to all our colleagues and the healthcare professionals, who work at the forefront of this pandemic. Regardless of this critical situation, they continue day for day to make great efforts to either deliver our medical devices to hospitals or care for patients who need life saving support during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is an exceptional situation that none of us has ever faced before. Please follow the general recommendations to protect yourself and others, and help to control and prevent a further rise of the infection curve, that will subsequently cause an even higher overload for those who fight for the affected patients’ life.

In keeping distance to each other we stand together. 

Best regards,

Fumio Izumida

President Nihon Kohden Europe