October 23, 2017 Exhibition and Symposium Report ESICM 2017, Vienna.

Exhibition and Symposium Report ESICM 2017, Vienna
Customers confirmed: CerebAir – fast, easy and wireless continuous EEG for critical care

In September Nihon Kohden Europe attended the annual ESICM Congress in Vienna with over 6.000 participants and 66 exhibitors. Clear focus of the booth and our symposium was the launch debut of CerebAir and the topic continuous EEG monitoring – with high success: CerebAir turned out to be a crowed puller enforcing high quality customer talks at our booth and attracted over 200 interested customers to the fully overbooked symposium. 

The exhibition
The Nihon Kohden booth and all activities at the ESICM clearly focused on the clinical problem of unconscious patient in Intensive Care Units. Heart and respiratory monitoring are standard of care: But what about the brain? 

The debut of CerebAir at ESICM enables critical care clinicians to monitor the brain activity with cEEG – even without experience in only 5 minutes. Many customers tried to put on cEEG in 5 minutes minutes by themselves, others had interesting discussion with our CerebAir team. 

The symposium: Continuous EEG in 5 minutes with CerebAir
The climax of the launch debut of CerebAir was the lunch symposium “Continuous EEG in 5 minutes with CerebAir” on the 2nd day of the ESICM. After opening the doors all seats have been occupied by clinicans within minutes. 

The two chairmen, Prof. Martin Holtkamp, Neurologist Charité Berlin and Prof. Fabio Taccone, Intensivist Erasme Brussels and board member of ESICM guided the symposium on the highest professional level, especially because of the active participation and the detailed questions of the audience.

During the symposium three clinicans shared their perspective on CerebAir and the experiences from different points of care:

1. Continuous EEG in daily routine
Dr. Yuichi Kubota, Department of Neurosurgery, Neurointensive Care, Asakadai Central General Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

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2. Brain-Changer: easy accessible continuous EEG for every unconscious patient?
Dr. Giacomo Della Marca, Neurology, Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Rome, Italy

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3. How patients can profit from multimodal brain monitoring with continuous EEG in ICU
Dr. Celeste Dias, Intensive Care, Hospital de São João, Porto, Portugal

The approach of Multimodal Brain Monitoring (MBM) with cEEG in ICU was explained by Dr. Celeste Dias. MBM helps to define targets and therapeutic goals to achieve better outcome based on the Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF). cEEG is one important parameter to monitor the brain function, but also the correlations with other vital signs and parameters are highly interesting as the waveform signals and physiology interplay.

Nihon Kohden stepped into a clinical problem and hot topic of unconscious patients and answered the question how to make EEG in critical care easy at ESICM 2017.