July 09, 2020 Energy consumption report: we reduced our CO2 emissions


Nihon Kohden have great news today.

An energy audit have been conducted in 2015 and repeated in 2020. We are proud to announce the results: reduction of electricity consumption in 2019 by 30% compared to 2015:
This means a CO2 emissions reduction of nearly 30t in 2019.
The numbers are even more significant as the surface of workspace and the number of employees has increased by 10% in that same period.

In Nihon Kohden Europe, we are aware of issues facing the environment and how those issues, in turn, affect human health.
Over the past five years, we constantly operated changes and renovations to meet the #ecofriendly target in the Headquarter of Rosbach:

  • New energy efficient air-conditioning systems.
  • Installation of Smart Led light system with presence detection.
  • Installation of two charging stations for electric cars (free usage for employees private and company cars).
  • Offering and encouraging Hybrid company cars.
  • Offering a public transportation pass and encouraging employees to use it in lieu of their individual cars.
  • Abandoning single use plastic bottles and replacing with returnable glass bottles.

We are aware that this is just a start, and a lot of new eco-friendly measures are to come.
We’ll keep you posted.