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Recommended NIBP Cuffs


For iNIBP measurement, we highly recommend using our YAWARA CUFF 2.

Features of YAWARA CUFF 2

yawara cuff overview

1. iNIBP ready
YAWARA CUFF 2 is more comfortable than conventional NIBP cuffs and maximizes the performance of our iNIBP.

2. Reduced bruising with a new cuff design
YAWARA CUFF 2 uses a smooth soft cloth and has a soft flexible buffer sheet inside the cuff to prevent skin pinching. It is designed to prevent subcutaneous blooding.
yawara cuff bruising

3. Proper size selection with quick range check scale
YAWARA CUFF 2 has an arm size scale on the cuff so caregivers can quickly check if the cuff size is appropriate just by holding it over the patient's arm.
yawara cuff set size

4. Easy to keep it clean
YAWARA CUFF 2 is designed to be easy to clean. Wide slit on the cuff makes it easy to remove the inflation bag.

yawara cuff open cuff      yawara cuff washable blatter

5. Safe measurement with kink-free tube
yawara cuff bended tube

Lineup of YAWARA CUFF 2

YAWARA CUFF 2 is available in a full range of sizes from child to adult and thigh.

Yawara cuff overview sizes