Celltac Chemi CHM-4100K Neu

Transforming the possibility of IVD solutions

Unique 2-in-1 platform provides

  • Integration with the Celltac hematology analyzer
  • HbA1c and CRP measurement with one EDTA whole blood tube
  • Efficient workflow with unique cell-based reagent
  • Highly reliable HbA1c data certified by NGSP and correlated with HPLC
  • CRP measurement with a wider measuring range

Integration with the Celltac hematology analyzer

Integration of Celltac chemi and a Celltac hematology analyzer will greatly improve measuring accuracy and enhance workflow efficiency. Celltac chemi can be connected to a Celltac hematology analyzer by cable, so hematocrit value from the Celltac hematology analyzer can be transferred to Celltac chemi for data compensation in the CRP value. Patient ID can be shared between Celltac chemi and the Celltac hematology analyzer, and CRP and HbA1c data can be printed on the internal printer of the Celltac hematology analyzer.

EDTA whole blood tube can be used for both Celltac chemi and Celltac hematology analyzers and additional sample preparation is not required for HbA1c and CRP test. This reduces risk of infection and maximizes your lab’s productivity.

Innovation to streamline your daily work

Reagent can be used immediately after taking out of the refrigerator and sample preparation is not required with an EDTA whole blood tube. This simplifies your daily work and greatly improves turnaround time in your laboratory.

The measurement cell already contains the correct amount of reagent. Each reagent cell has a QR code with lot information, expiry information and calibration curve which can be automatically scanned and registered into Celltac chemi. The reagent package is very compact (150 W x 120 D x 90 H mm, including 50 reagent cells) and saves storage space.

Solution for faster clinical decision making

A 3-color indicator on the main screen clearly shows the current measurement value as a triangle mark over the low, normal, or high range. You can see if the measurement is within normal range even before measurement is finished.

Up to 4 past data for the same ID can also be displayed on the screen. This helps you check the data variation during HbA1c screening.

Reliability for better clinical outcomes

Celltac chemi’s HbA1c data is NGSP certified and correlated with the HbA1c data of HPLC based machines. Celltac chemi’s CRP data shows a clear correlation with CRP data from high volume clinical chemistry machines. Celltac chemi gives you high reliability to assure better clinical outcomes and help you achieve high level health care service.

The Celltac chemi CRP measuring range is 2 to 330 mg/L in whole blood mode and 2 to 200 mg/L in serum/plasma mode. The wide CRP measuring range contributes to accurate inflammation screening.

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