Celltac Alpha MEK-6500K

Outstanding features Real benefits

Outstanding features Real benefits

19 parameters in 60 seconds

The Celltac α series provides 3-part-diff and RDW-SD to assist in the detection of iron deficiency or thalassemia.

Built-in open and closed tube mode

To reduce the risk of contamination, the Celltac α MEK-6500K includes both, an open and a closed tube mode for easy blood sampling.

Auto dilution mode change

You can set panic value thresholds (abnormal high and low values) to trigger remeasurement in preset dilution ratio modes (low, normal, high, higher). In higher mode the measuring range for WBC can be extended to 599 x 10³/μl while the low dilution mode gives high accuracy even in low values of WBC or PLT.

Capillary mode

The Celltac α MEK-6500K allows you to analyze capillary blood with only 10 μl. This is the ideal method to perform CBCs inclusive 3-part-diff for pediatric and geriatric patients.

Unlimited patient memory

The instrument can store unlimited patient samples together with QC results and alarm logs by using SD-card memory (2GB can store 30 000 patient samples).

Intuitive operation

Only 3 steps to the result

  1. Mix the tube
  2. Insert the tube into the closed tube holder
  3. Close the tube holder

The measurement starts automatically. After 60 seconds the result will be displayed.

The complete result at a glance

There is no need for switching screens to get a first medical diagnostic. The results screen shows all relevant information in only one screen including parameters and histograms.

Easy to use color touch screen

The high resolution color touch screen gives easy access to all information and enables a stress-free operation.

Superior technology – highest quality

40 years of experience that guarantees highest quality standards

Nihon Kohden is a company with a high degree of experience. This allows controlling and directly influencing every process necessary to create, design and assemble high quality parts, units and devices for a high robustness and reliability of the Celltac instruments.

Innovation where you need it

Nihon Kohdens Celltac α range of hematology analyzers combines technology and innovation:

  • The twin diluting nozzle system is dedicated for WBC and RBC dilution separately. This prevents cross contamination between RBC and WBC counting.
  • Innovative fluid path lets the sample remain in the sample needle; there is no need for rinsing a syringe pump; this contributes to the low reagent consumption and carry over.
  • The Celltac range is fully automatic in a true sense. The highlight is the automatic clog removal: a high voltage pulse passes through the aperture to remove possible clogs of proteins and lipids providing durability in result precision.